About Us

WinIT Technologies is a premier Information and Communication Technology services company that provides real values to businesses and individuals from digital technology. Established in 2012, WinIT offers ICT products, as well as ICT services in areas such as Business Application Development and System Integration & Maintenance. We create vendor approved software products and implementation services that span across all industry fields from education to health to project management and other basic services. 

We mostly focus on Software application development, Website development and also offer ICT Consultancy Services. We believe that in order to have a sustainable growth in the IT industry in Kenya and at the same time cater to the ever-changing demands for IT products and services of our clients WinIT needs to continue to focus on these two areas with IT Education being a major role player. We make optimal use of and further develop high-tech technology platforms.

WinIT Technologies sustains operational excellence in innovation, leadership, operations and all processes that are valued by our customers. This focus has allowed us to become a true "master of our trade".

Our Mission

Certified Engineers

To work with passion, using advanced technologies, to transform our clients needs into
new achievable dreams by focussing on the customers' needs in clearly defined

Our Values

-IT Health Assessment
-IT Documentation
-Flat Rate Fee structure
-Quarterly IT review
-Satisfaction guarantee

Our Vision

24/7/365 Support

We strive to be the leading IT solution providers and brand creators using the latest
technology to improve the quality of our clients.


24/7/365 Support

A successful flagship requires dedication, focus, and specialized knowledge,your organization must continue to operate flawlessly hence our dedicated project teams who will drive your target outcomes while letting you run and grow your current state.

Our Values

Customized Solutions

Big on choice, Big on Value, Big on service

Our Experience

Customized Solutions

Our expertise and experience has made us emphatic to the needs and experience of our
growing number of clients in various sectors ranging from government offices,
colleges,universities,parastatals, N.G.Os, corporations and private businesses in a bid to become
leaders in our business.


About WinIT

We are a technology and business solutions provider based in Nairobi, Kenya. Since 2012, our collective experiences of over 8 years has allowed us to build better businesses for our clients in public and private sector spheres across Kenya. Our passion is to create meaningful relationships by offering unmatched digital solutions, improved business processes, and superior support services.